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Revive Your Hair

Our guide to the best conditioning treatments

Revive Your Hair
Danielle de Wolfe
31 October 2011

Nourish your follicles with these seven incredible treatments as chosen by our style team...

1. CONDITION AND STYLE: Leave In (Rinse Out) Conditioner

This lightweight conditioner can be used to tame hair without making it greasy, mixed with other styling products or used as a rinse-out de-tangler. '''£17.50 for 250ml by BUMBLE AND BUMBLE; 0800-014 7424

for sensitive scalps'''

2. FOR SENSITIVE SCALPS : No Scent No Colour Conditioner

Designed specifically for those with allergic, reactive skin types, this formula is gentle, keeping hair healthy and strong without any worry of irritation. £17.40 for 250ml by PHILIP KINGSLEY;


Mimetic caviar pearls and cream mask are combined to create an intensive treatment to rejuvenate tight scalps and restore dry hair. £100 for 100ml Crème and 50ml Perles by KERASTASE; 0800-316 4400

4. FOR OILY SCALPS: Light Conditioner

Offering balanced conditioning, this ultra-lightweight formula maintains volume, making it ideal for those with ultra-fine hair that quickly becomes greasy. £14.50 for 250ml by SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL;

5. THE EVERYDAY CONDITIONER: Classic Conditioner

Feed your hair with ancient minerals and mud from the Dead Sea blended with argan, neem and sea buckthorn oil. £16 for 200ml by GIELLY GREEN;

6. INVIGORATE AND ENERGISE: Cool Finish Invigorating Conditioner

Peppermint not only smells nice, it also stimulates the scalp and energises the follicles. When using this formula you should allow it to settle in for one minute before washing out to maximise its invigorating properties.

£8.50 for 300ml by REDKEN; 0800-444880

7. ANTI-DANDRUFF: Anti-Dandruff Sage and Tea Tree Conditioner

Eucalyptus, lemon, and tea tree oils purify and soothe an irritated scalp, while the antibacterial formula ensures dandruff-free hair. £4.75 for 250ml by G BALDWIN & CO;