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The bargain trainer you should all think about buying this Christmas

So now people can stop asking me to recommend them one

The bargain trainer you should all think about buying this Christmas

Everyone’s into their trainers now, aren’t they? It’s no longer ‘a thing’ and is now just an accepted fact: everyone loves trainers. OK. Done. Out of the way with. 

You know what you should buy that person you love this Christmas? A pair of trainers. But you’re not sure which ones to buy, you say. OK, sound. Well, these ones:

(Image: Sneakersnstuff)

Yep, that’s the one. Eighty quid. Lovely. The Reebok Revenge Plus Gum Trainers in colourway ‘White CM8791’. 

Here are the reasons:

1. All trainers should be white.

2. These ones also have gum soles, which are the best kind.

3. A little bit of black detailing – like on the leather panels here – with white leather may feel a little counter-intuitive at first but actually means that they’ll age a bit less scruffy than if they were all white.

4. Maybe think about the black leather paneling like one of those colour-catchers you throw in with the wash.

5. Trainers with only a little bit of suede on them are cool, especially when they start to go a little (but not too) grubby and worn.

6. Reebok’s status for making incredibly simple trainers that never go out of fashion (even when they somehow went out of fashion in years 2004 through 2014) is up there with the very, very best.

7. They’re only 80 quid, which might not sound like a bargain at first but considering how expensive trainers are these days, it sorta is (a pair of decent New Balances can cost twice that).

8. There are a tonne of sizes and places that sell them: like ASOS  and Sneakersnstuff but also smaller stores like Skate Deluxe, Well Gosh, Urban Industry, Mainline, and Cooshti as well as directly from Reebok – all that means that there’ll be plenty of opportunities to buy and plenty of chances to snaffle up some deals. 

9. They look a bit like a mix between the Reebok Club C 85 and the adidas Samba: that makes them cool enough for your brother, non-embarrassing enough for your boyfriend, and also sensible enough to buy for your dad to save ‘for best’ (whatever that means).

10. I said so.

(Image: Sneakersnstuff)

So now people can stop messaging me on Facebook asking for recommendations of affordable trainers for someone who they care about but, apparently, barely know. Just buy these. Please. If we all agree to buy these, then maybe Reebok will release more: it’s such a cool silhouette and I’d like a little selection, with different materials and that. Imagine how nice that would be. 

But in the meantime, buy these for the person who you’re stuck for and picture their happy little face when they prise open that wrapping and open that box. They won’t know what hit ‘em.

(Main Image: Novoid Plus)