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21 best 'Red Dead Redemption 2' cheat codes and how to use them

Reckon you're a real outlaw, do ya?

21 best 'Red Dead Redemption 2' cheat codes and how to use them
12 November 2018

Now you’ve spent countless hours living your true cowboy fantasy on Red Dead Redemption 2, you’re probably feeling proper tough, aren’t ya partner?

But you’re not a true outlaw unless you’re hacking the open-world Rockstar game and running rampant with a load of filthily delicious cheat codes.

Here, via Eurogamer and IGN, are all the secret tricks you can unlock in the game, which has already sold more than 17 million copies, and the cheat codes you’ll need to access them.

To enter a cheat is really simple: pause the game > access Settings > press triangle (or Y on Xbox) to be shown the cheat screen.

To activate the cheats simply enter the phrases below and start causing absolute cowboy havoc.

Basic weapons = A simple life, a beautiful death

Create race horse = Run! Run! Run!

Create Superior Horse = You want more than you have

Create Wagon = Keep your dreams simple

Decrease Wanted Level = You want freedom

Forces you to become drunk = A fool on command

Increase Wanted Level = You want punishment

Increase Whistle Range for Horse = Better than my dog

Own all Outfits = Vanity. All is vanity

Reset Honor = Balance. All is balance

Set Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Bars to Full = You flourish before you die

Set your Dead Eye to level 3 = I shall be better

Set your Dead Eye to level 5 = I seek and I find

Stealth weapons = Death is silence

Infinite Ammo = Abundance is the dullest desire (You’ll need to own a newspaper)

Heavy Ammo = Greed is American Virtue (You’ll need to own a newspaper)

Gunslinger Weapons = History is written by fools

Fog of War (Reveals entire map) = You long for sight and see nothing

Learn All Recipes = Eat of Knowledge

Infinite Stamina = The lucky be strong evermore (You’ll need to own a newspaper)

Increase horse bonding = My kingdom is a horse

One important caveat, though: as soon as you enable a cheat code you won’t be able to save your single player progress or collect Trophies of Achievements. 

(Image: Rockstar)