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Realm & Empire

All that’s missing is the medals

Realm & Empire

War. What is it good for? Hot-headed types would probably put forward the argument, “Solving border disputes and toppling dictators”, while music-loving pacifists might suggest “Absolutely nothing”. Whatever your views on international conflict, however, you’re almost certain to like the look of the new military inspired collection from Realm & Empire.

The contemporary clothing label is following up its launch range (which was inspired by British culture and history) with an eye-catching autumn/winter 2012 line that takes its cues instead from the many great UK military traditions. Highlights include the naval pea coat (pictured, £250), the quilted expedition parka (£180) and the 60/40 field jacket (£195) – which is a subtle snowproof nod to Robert Falcon Scott’s infamous Antarctic journeys of the early 1900s.

There are also T-shirts (£35-£40) boasting images of spitfires in flight and slogans for the Home Guard. Fear not, though – they’re far more stylish than the clobber favoured by Captain Mainwaring and co.