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Quiz show contestant gets question wrong despite having answer on his t-shirt

He won't be able to live this down

Quiz show contestant gets question wrong despite having answer on his t-shirt

We all know someone who has been caught out wearing clothing containing a pop culture reference they don’t fully understand.

For every niche and impressive design, there are 10 or more standard examples you can buy from any high-street store without any knowledge of the artist, character or film in question.

The old cliché surrounds Ramones t-shirts, and the idea that anyone wearing one is doing so purely for fashion purposes without knowing any of their music, but the trend has extended into clothing referencing film, TV and even public figures.

Normally it just causes a small amount of embarrassment, if that, but for one TV quiz show contestant it was much worse.

This chap called Alberto, appearing on a Spanish language TV show, was asked about the title of Steve Rogers in The Avengers.

Was he Doctor America, Mister America or Captain America?

It feels like a relatively easy question for most people, but – and we’re just guessing here – it probably ought to be even easier for a man who’s literally wearing a Captain America t-shirt.

Well, you’d think so, but…

These things can go both ways, of course, and one contestant on British TV show Pointless benefited greatly from an answer staring her in the face.

One round had a question relating to the UK’s best-selling albums of 2015, and she guessed that a release from Alexander Armstrong, the show’s presenter, might fit the description.

Not only was it right, but it was the best answer she could have given…

All this shows is you should always look for clues around you – sometimes the answer is closer to home than you might realise.

(Main image: YouTube)