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Quirky Spiralling Nike Sneaker Art

Quirky Spiralling Nike Sneaker Art

Quirky Spiralling Nike Sneaker Art

He's only been on the fridge for a week, but we've already found some new bewildering artwork to replace Snoop Dogg's sock paintings. Following in his paint-covered footstep is the sublime, brilliant, blurry photo series, Nike Sneakers in Motion

Yes, we're serious. Photographer and artist Joost van Brug (aka Reluct) was looking for a way to capture the functional identity of 24 classic Nike trainers. "Sport shoes are designed to look fast," the piece's summary reads, "so why not picture them like that as well?". Attaching them to a spinning axis, Brug used a long exposure technique to capture the "motion" of each shoe from above. 

While unquestionably ridiculous, the series does serve two additional purposes. Foremost, it does a good job of illustrating stand-out colour pallets - with reds and teals having a great impact in motion than whites and blacks. Secondly, Nike Sneakers in Motion is also the ultimate test for those who would declare themselves major Nike fans. If you can spot the difference between an Air Jordan 7 and Air Jordan 9 at 500 rpm, you deserve a medal (and a much needed new hobby). 

We've included the names of each style just to be helpful - you can buy prints here.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Old Love New Love / Beginning Moments
Air Jordan 2 Retro Varsity Red Black
Air Jordan 3 Retro 88
Air Jordan 3 Retro DB Doernbecher
Air Jordan 5 Retro 3lab5
Air Jordan 5 Retro DB Doernbecher
Air Jordan 5 Retro Laney 2013 Custom Painted
Air Jordan 6 Retro Infrared 23
Air Jordan 7 Retro Premio Bin23
Air Yeezy 2 NRG Black Solar Red
Dunk Low Pro SB Diamond
Lebron 8 Pre-Heat
Lebron 10 Ext Cork
Nike SB Jade

(Images: Reluct)