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Puma's Wilderness Pack

Puma's Wilderness Pack

Puma's Wilderness Pack
15 June 2014

Planning any expeditions to the Amazon this summer? A trek through the Alps? Best steer clear of Puma's new collaboration with size? - we'd hate for you to ruin a good trainer.

The rugged title of the Wilderness Pack isn't guide to their intended use, but a nod to the harsh terrains that Puma has drawn inspiration from.

The R698 Sahara is a barren-blend of sandy suede and leather - with contrasting shades of brown and yellow combining nicely on the upper and toe box. The midsole follows suit with a sand-speckled effect, while some colour finds its way into the oasis blue inner and cacti green tab.

The XS850 Inner City plays upon the wild planes of the urban sprawl - the trail shoe's 3M black mesh playing on the image of reflected lights amidst the dark gritty streets of a black leather upper.

Available in size? online and in stores from 21 June, you'll be able to track down the R698 for £90 and the XS850 for £95.

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