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Prime Video's next big show is already a hit in the UK

Award-winning UK show is to get an adaptation for US audiences...

Prime Video's next big show is already a hit in the UK
Andrew Williams
23 October 2023

Amazon is to make a version of popular UK game show The 1% Club for Prime Video.

It’s going to be a co-production between the BBC’s Los Angeles arm and Magnum Media, the production company behind the UK original, writes Deadline.

Amazon hasn’t hung around too long on this one as The 1% Club was only first broadcast on ITV in the UK in 2022.

It is presented by comedian Lee Mack, and is a quiz show with a difference.

What is The 1% Club?

Rather than featuring questions about acquired knowledge, like the plays of Shakespeare or the singles of The Beatles, The 1% Club is more about common sense and logic.

100 contestants are sat in an arc around the studio, and are faced with questions of escalating difficulty.

There’s a 30-second time limit for each, and if they miss one or answer incorrectly, they are out and their £1000 stake in the game is added to the prize pot.

After the 15 questions, the remaining players can then choose to leave with £10,000, or to answer one final question to win a share of the overall prize pot.

As you might imagine, that last question is going to be a toughie.

When was The 1% Club broadcast?

The 1% Club finished up its second season in June 2023, and there are 16 episodes out there at present. All are available to stream for UK viewers over at ITVX.

The show won the Best Quiz Game Show award at the 2023 National Television Awards, beating The Chase Celebrity Special, Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel and Richard Osman’s House of Games.

Perhaps the most important question about the The 1% Club US version remains: who is going to host it?

Lee Mack’s funny hosting is at least as important as the game itself in the UK version.

The 1% Club has already been adapted in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Spain, Turkey and Australia, where Jim Jeffries hosts.

“The 1% Club has captivated millions across the globe through BBC Studios’ success bringing the hit format to a wide array of international markets outside the UK in just the past few years,” says Valerie Bruce, General Manager at BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions.

“We’re now poised for a major expansion with our upcoming launch of a fresh, new version of the break-out series on Prime Video. The powerful global response to The 1% Club is proof positive that the format has undeniable audience appeal.”

There’s no word on when Amazon’s Prime Video version of The 1% Club will air. But it shouldn’t take as long to put together as a show where each episode costs $20 million to produce, like House of the Dragon.