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Prime Video's epic Fallout show gets an epic trailer

Anyone fancy a Nuka Cola? Prime Video's Fallout is looking pretty sweet

Prime Video's epic Fallout show gets an epic trailer
Andrew Williams
08 March 2024

A new trailer for Prime Video’s Fallout has been released and it makes the upcoming show look kinda incredible.

The three-minute trailer focuses largely on vault dweller Lucy, played by Ella Purnell. Unless there’s a major bait and switch going on here, it looks like she’s the prism through which we’ll first experience Fallout’s world. Have a watch:

Never played the games? This is a tale of the apocalypse, but one where the privileged few bought their way into heavily-armoured underground vaults before the bombs fell and turned the US into an irradiated desert.

The TV show is going deep too. Teased in the trailer, the series will take us to Shady Sands, the capital of the New California Republic, a state established after the great world-ending war. It was primarily referenced in the very first Fallout game from 1997, rather than the games most people played first from this series, Fallout 3 and onwards.

What this trailer doesn’t quite give us is what will be the driving force of this show’s story, beyond Lucy going from a naive vault dweller into a Wasteland-scouring badass.

Still, we get a better look at Walton Goggins’s The Ghoul character, who we get to see both before and after the nuclear end-times, and another glimpse at the airships of the Brotherhood of Steel. That war-like faction is going to give us another of the series’s main characters, Maximus, played by Aaron Moten.

Fallout TV show release date

Prime Video says all episodes of Fallout will be available on April 11. And there are eight of them in this first run.

Our worry is the series looks so damn expensive from this trailer, it may need to pull in mega figures to have any hope of a second season.

Prime Video's epic Fallout show gets an epic trailer

It has also been a while since we’ve had a Fallout game to bring this IP back up to the pop culture surface. The last major entry was 2018’s Fallout 76, which had a terrible reception but is now meant to be a blast — it’s an online title rather than the classic open world single-player 3D Fallout experience.

Series producer Jonathan Nolan (brother to Christopher Nolan) compared making the show to creating Fallout 5, though.

“Each of the games is a discrete story – different city, distinct protagonist – within the same mythology. Our series sits in relation to the games as the games sit in relation to each other. It’s almost like we’re Fallout 5. I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but it’s just a non-interactive version of it, right?” Nolan told Total Film.

Either way, this one is sure to keep a few Prime Video subscriptions active until at least April.