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Pretty soon you won't have any choice but to use Facebook's Messenger app

There's no escaping its blue clutches

Pretty soon you won't have any choice but to use Facebook's Messenger app
07 June 2016

Facebook really wants you to use the Messenger app. So badly. More than anything.

It's almost concerning how eager they are to push you into its blue, fuzzy embrace. 

Once upon a time, all of Facebook's features lived in two places: its main web page and the Facebook mobile app. You could visit your profile, post pictures and send messages from a single, unified point. The world made sense. 

Then, Facebook took the decision to spin off its Messenger service into a separate app - a service not dissimilar to WhatsApp (which it also owns). Many Facebook users objected to using the new service (mainly because the apps are notorious for draining battery life), so worked around the issue by only accessing Facebook via their mobile browser. 

However, as of this week, users of the mobile web version of Facebook will have discovered the following notification when attempting to retrieve their messages...

Essentially, Facebook wants to spin off all of its messaging services into a standalone app which it can then use to leverage additional revenue from.

The company has previously discussed introducing a series of 'chatbot' functions to the Messenger system, allowing companies and brands to talk to users, make purchases and book appointments without having to leave the Messenger app. It also means that as Facebook begins to introduce new functions to Messenger, it won't have to adjust multiple apps and web platforms.

And if you hate the Messenger app? Tough. Time to find another favourite social network. MySpace is still kicking about...