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People are putting up 'strong and stable my arse' posters around London

They've had enough of Theresa May's relentless slogan

People are putting up 'strong and stable my arse' posters around London
22 May 2017

Even if you’ve been barely following the upcoming election, you’ll probably be aware of one thing, and one thing only: Theresa May is promising ‘strong and stable’ leadership, if you vote her in to power.

It would make for the most brutal and unrelenting drinking game in history if you attempted to down one for every time she says it in a speech, seeing as that – along with ‘coalition of chaos’, ‘strengthen my hand’ and ‘in the national interest’ – is basically 99% of everything she ever says.

Of course, David Cameron also promised to be strong and stable, and now that she has U-turned on her social care policy in the wake of huge outcry over the ‘dementia tax’ – as it has been affectionately dubbed – some would say May is starting to show exactly how strong and stable she really is.

Before even this, though, an unknown artist had clearly already had enough of the constant parroting of that slogan, and began putting up posters around London, letting May know exactly they think of her catchphrase:

There are stickers too:

And nice cased versions:

Meanwhile, these posters – we’re not sure whether they’re by the same artist or not – take it up another level:

Still going to win though aren’t they?

(Image: James Brian)