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Pop artist influences premium denim

Wrangler unveils latest collaboration on new collection

Pop artist influences premium denim

Think of the icons of US culture — Shell Oil, 7-Eleven, Budweiser. Well, we’re sad to tell you they are (in order) Dutch, Japanese and Belgian thanks to either their parent companies or big money buyouts. Wrangler, however, remains proudly American.

And the spring/summer collection of the denim expert’s high-end Blue Bell line was designed to celebrate this 100-year heritage. As a result, every item was manufactured in the United States. This initiative is continuing for autumn/winter and is going a step further by taking inspiration from some of the bold colours seen in modern US pop art.

To do this, Wrangler has collaborated with scrap-metal sculptor David Buckingham (pictured top right). Admittedly, it’s a name you’re unlikely to know, but his work has been snapped up by stars such as Seth Rogen and Gwen Stefani.

He specialises in repurposing abandoned cars or turning road signs into wall sculptures. One series is even devoted to the guns used by famous American assassins while another uses pop culture phrases such as, “Come on baby light my fire.”

But this collaboration isn’t limited to just influencing bold-coloured denim. There are also graphic T-shirts (the Stars & Stripes, a rodeo rider) and a leather biker jacket.

Shirts start at £85, with jeans from £120. A small price to pay for something that is as iconic and American as apple pie. Although, that actually originated in 14th-century Britain.