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PlayStation 4 'slim' revealed

PlayStation is updating the standard PS4 model with a new sleek design

PlayStation 4 'slim' revealed
07 September 2016

The best things come in small packages, right?

PlayStation has shown off a new look for its PS4 - a super slim design that's set to replace the standard version of the console from September onwards.

  • It'll cost £259
  • It arrives on 15 September
  • It's HDR compatible - a feature that will be rolled out to all existing PS4s via a software update
  • It's got a slightly updated controller, that moves the light bar to shine through the front of the touch panel

The smaller, sleeker design rounds off the sharp edges of the former PlayStation 4 design.

The new console appears identical to those that leaked to several UK outlets earlier this year, with one model even turning up on GumTree.

The smaller console mirrors the move of Microsoft, whose miniature Xbox One S sports 4k, HDR capabilities. The new PS4 won't boast 4K graphics, but games will benefit from a bump to HDR output (expect lighting and textures to look sharper).

PlayStation revealed the new PS4 design alongside its new Pro - which you can see here.