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Everything you need to know about the PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation is launching an upgraded version of its PS4 with 4K visuals and improved performance

Everything you need to know about the PlayStation 4 Pro
07 September 2016

The Neo has a name: PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony has revealed a new 'beefier' version of its PlayStation 4, the 'Pro', bringing a host of new capabilities to a console that will run alongside its new slim line PS4.

Here's what you need to know:

  • It will cost £349
  • It arrives on 10 November 2016 (yep, this year)
  • It will support 4K resolution (things are really pretty if you've got a 4K TV)
  • It's got HDR features, meaning game developers will be able to add even more details to their games
  • It sports 1TB of storage
  • It's got a more powerful graphics processor unit (4.2 teraflops, if you're counting)
  • And a faster central processor unit

It's bigger than the 'old' PlayStation 4, with an extra layer of black sliding on top of the same angular box.

Unveiled to media at New York's PlayStation Theatre, PlayStation President Andrew House ran through the various new features of the Pro before showing off a series of previously announced titles (nope, no new games were revealed) running on the new hardware.


The improved power of the Pro gives developers a whole heap of potential to add more details than ever before: photo-realistic hair and clothing was said to make games feel even more 'immersive', while lighting and texture effects have been taken up a notch.

Games such as ​Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone demonstrated the new power of the console - titles that will still come out for the standard PS4, but will look better on the Pro. There won’t be any gameplay features exclusive to PS4 Pro or the standard PS4 - every game will work on both formats.

As for whether your old games will be improved on the PlayStation 4 Pro, that's up to the game developers. If the developer decides to crank up the performance of an old game, like Uncharted 4 ​(which will be getting a 'Pro' performance update), players will be able to download a patch to see their favourite old gem play in improved style.

All old games will benefit from the Pro's power; you'll be able to use your old standard PS4 disc in the Pro and notice better framerates and 1080p resolution.

While services such as Netflix and YouTube will provide 4K streaming options, the Pro won't support 4K Blu-ray playing - a function that Microsoft's new Xbox One S does support.

The Pro will also improve the stability of PlayStation VR, set to roll out on 13 October for the same price of £349.

In addition to the PlayStation 4 Pro and new slim standard design, it was also announced that all existing consoles would receive an update to make them HDR capable.

In short, if you already own a PS4, there's no advantage in splashing out on the slim PS4, but if you want more power, you're going to want to spend £349 on the new Pro.