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Your PlayStation 4 is about to get a lot more impressive

The latest update is going to make your games a lot prettier

Your PlayStation 4 is about to get a lot more impressive
13 September 2016

Well hasn't Sony been busy?

Their September event saw them show off the all-powerful PlayStation 4 Pro, a new sleek PlayStation 4 design, and news that high-dynamic-range (HDR) visuals would be coming to the entirety of the newly extended PS4 family - including the old angular box you may have sitting at home.

It's all thanks to a new update coming to the console on 13 September. In addition to boosting your images to HDR - which allows for a far more vivid, colourful image to be produced by your games - it'll provide you with the following updates.

There's refreshed UI

The main user interface of the PlayStation 4 is getting a serious overhaul, with new system backgrounds, updated system icons and revised pop up notifications. In essence, everything is a heck of a lot clearer in the new 4.0 update.

You'll be able to create your own custom folders

Want to keep track of a specific genre of game you've got heaps of? Or list all the games you're still yet to play? You'll now be able to group games and downloads in new custom folders. 

The Quick Menu has been tweaked

The main alteration of the Quick Menu (accessed by hitting the PS button on your controller) is that it won't take up the entire screen, forcing you out of your game. There are new shortcuts to frequently used features, including the ability to discover, play, and control Spotify or the USB Music Player without needing to open the Spotify app.

Easy transfer

Should you be picking up a new slim design or Pro in the near future, you'll be able to transfer all your game data and saves over to your new box with considerable ease thanks to the new 4.0 update.

All you'll need to do is plug an Ethernet cable in to your old and new boxes, forming a LAN network across which you'll be able to exchange data. Both machines will need to run the new 4.0 system, and be turned on. It's a much faster, easier way than uploading and downloading to the PlayStation cloud.

See? Wires are still great. 

And a whole bunch of other small updates

You can see more of the new updates in action in this video. Happy gaming.