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Pixar have revealed exactly how all of their films are linked

Easter eggs ahoy

Pixar have revealed exactly how all of their films are linked
18 January 2017

It’s a fan theory as old as Pixar itself: are all of their films, from 1995’s Toy Story all the way to last year’s Finding Dory, all somehow connected in a ‘Pixarniverse’?

Well, it seems that the answer is ‘yes’. And here is the proof:

A two and a half minute clip posted to the Toy Story Facebook page shows exactly how characters from different films have appeared in other ones.

In order, Finding Dory features the lead character from Inside Out, which links to The Good Dinosaur, to Monsters, Inc., which links to Brave, which links to Cars, which links to Toy Story 3, which links to Up, which links to Ratatouille, which links to Wall.E. Ratatouille is then linked to Cars, which links to The Incredibles, which links to Finding Nemo, which links back to Monsters, Inc.. Jessie from Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 is in Monsters, Inc., while an action figure of A Bug’s Life character is seen in Toy Story 2. Last but not least, the famous Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story – and many others – appears in A Bug’s Life.

17 films over 21 years, and they’re all connected. And some observers have flagged more easter eggs that haven’t made the cut in this clip, showing just what a tangled web they’ve weaved. But oh what a gloriously clever web it is.

Well done everyone.