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The trick to telling if your pint glass is *actually* clean

There's a very easy way to check

The trick to telling if your pint glass is *actually* clean

Yeah, yeah, you just want to drink your pint – a clean glass is secondary in the whole equation – but hear us out.

You’ve undoubtedly had a pint that tastes a bit ‘off’ from time to time, and that may well be because your glass was clean, but not ‘beer clean’.

Sometimes detergent residue will remain after cleaning, meaning a glass can look and seem clean, but not be ‘beer clean’.

That means even if everything has gone right in the brewing and transporting process, you might not get the perfect pint at the end of it all if the glass isn’t in tip-top shape.

There is an easy way to check, though, as American brewing company MillerCoors has explained.

When handed your glass, check for bubbles clinging to the side, or for the foam head dissipating quicker than normal.

If either of these are present, your glass isn’t beer clean.

However, according to MillerCoors, you don’t need to pour a whole pint to tell if your glass is beer clean or not – so you’re left with no excuse for wasting a pint on a glass that isn’t in perfect condition.

In a how-to video, the company recommends pouring water into a glass and swirling it around before pouring the water out and shaking salt around the inside of the glass. If the salt evenly coats the inside of the glass then you’re good to go – if not, it’s still not clean enough.

The video below shows how best to clean the glass to leave it in the ideal state for pouring your next pint, but now you know there’s always a way to check.

Of course, if you’re a stickler for cleanliness and don’t trust either yourself or the bar staff at your local, you can always just get a bottle or a can.