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You can watch the first two minutes of tonight’s 'Peaky Blinders' right now

It looks very intense

You can watch the first two minutes of tonight’s 'Peaky Blinders' right now

Peaky Blinders finished its last season with the gangster Shelby clan in a very precarious position. Tommy (Cillian Murphy) betrayed his family to the police but promised he’d come up with a plan to save them. In a dramatic teaser of tonight’s season opener, released online this morning, things are still not looking too good for the group.

You can watch the first two minutes of the show here:

The clip begins with a shot of three nooses and members of the Shelby clan being violently dragged from their cells, apparently to face their death. Polly (Helen McCrory) shouts “No!” as she’s shown the noose inside a dark execution chamber. Basically, you can expect a lot of action tonight if Tommy’s going to get his act together and save his family.

The official episode description says: “December 1925. Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) has acquired unprecedented legitimacy. The former gangster is also a man alone, estranged from his family and focused only on business. But when he receives a mysterious letter on Christmas Eve, Tommy realises that the Shelbys are in danger of annihilation.

“As the enemy closes in, Tommy flees his country house and returns to the only safe place he knows: Small Heath, Birmingham, the slum where he grew up. Facing a more determined and sophisticated threat than ever before, the Shelby family must find a way to put differences aside, work together, take up arms and fight for survival…”

The gangster Shelby clan

The last season of Peaky Blinders, which airs on BBC Two, finished in the summer of 2016. This new season will see the show joined by a few more famous faces including Oscar-winner Adrien Brody and actor Aidan Gillen (who Game of Thrones fans will recognise as Littlefinger).

“In the classic gangster arc, the last season was sort of all about the wealth, the house and all that material stuff,” Murphy told Ireland’s Today FM. “This season is a sort of a return to the roots. That’s about as much as I can reveal”.

So buckle up and get ready for some intense viewing tonight at 9pm on BBC Two.

(Images: BBC)