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You have to watch this astonishing 15-second own goal

The other team doesn't even touch the ball

You have to watch this astonishing 15-second own goal
Tom Victor
10 August 2017

Possession might not be the be-all and end-all in football, but it ought to go without saying that you can’t score a goal when you don’t have the ball.

It ought to, but it doesn’t. And that’s all thanks to Estonian club Paide Linnameeskond, who have broken new ground in the game.

Playing against Levadia in the cup, Paide kicked off and kept possession for the first 15 seconds. Unfortunately that period would end with them kicking off for a second time, as the ball ended up in their net BEFORE A SINGLE LEVADIA PLAYER HAD TOUCHED THE BALL.

Perhaps it’s a case of Paide getting their comeuppance for taking no mercy on lowly Raudteetoolised in a cup game two years ago.

On that occasion, they took seven minutes to score their first goal, but ended up adding a further 30 before the final whistle has blown.

If anything, the only way to counteract such a high would be to score this kind of own goal, and It's almost impressive to see a team do their opponents’ work for them so efficiently.

Watch the goal. Then watch it again. And again. You’ll find it impossible to look away.

(Main image: Twitter/Ball Street)