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Orwell-inspired '1984' Stealth Clothing

Orwell-inspired '1984' Stealth Clothing

Orwell-inspired '1984' Stealth Clothing
22 September 2014

Do you always browse with a proxy server? Are your life savings stored in a shoe box under your bed? Does your copy of George Orwell's 1984 have more dog ears than the AGM of the Kennel Club? Prepare to make some room in your wardrobe for the stealthy clothing line of The Affair.

Inspired by the fashion of Orwell's seminal social commentary and the groundswell of interest in privacy abuse sparked by Edward Snowden's whistle blowing, the plain, worker-styled '1984' capsule collection of London-based The Affair promises to make wearers untrackable and unhackable with a novel tailoring option: the UnPocket.

Featuring a shirt, chino, jacket and blazer, each item in the Orwellian line up incorporates a removable stealth pocket for your phone - blocking all Cellular, WiFi, GPS and RFID signals. Made from layers of stealth fabric (police-grade high performance shielding, which is helpfully finished with a waterproof wax canvas exterior), the UnPocket can block your phone and contactless payment and ID cards from everyone looking to pinch your info.

Consisting of heavy cottons and unstructured silhouettes suitable for the workers of Oceania, the clothing range adds some convincing style credentials to the privacy-protecting concept. With UnPockets available from £18 and the clothing starting at £59, you can put in an order via The Affair's website or Kickstarter page. Unfortunately, no extra credit is given for paying in untraceable Bitcoins or similar e-currencies - but they look like a trust-worthy bunch.

(Images: The Affair)