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One of Apple TV Plus' best shows just got even better

Early reports suggest this show is a key reason to subscribe to Apple TV Plus...

One of Apple TV Plus' best shows just got even better
Andrew Williams
20 November 2023

Slow Horses: Season 3 seems to have pulled off a near-impossible feat, in being even better than the second and first season.

Reviews of the third season of Apple TV Plus’s Slow Horses are beginning to dribble out, and they are nothing short of incandescent.

We’re yet to hear the verdict from plenty of the most respected names in TV, but so far we’re seeing glowing 5-star reviews across the board.

Slow Horses season 3 reviews

“IsSlow Horsesthe perfect TV drama? I think it might be, you know,” reads the opener to The Telegraph’s 5-star review.

Reviewer Anita Singh suggests it’s the key reason to get an Apple TV Plus subscription right now, which is something the service has needed since Ted Lasso left the building.

Slow Horses season 3 has also been given a 5-star review at The Evening Standard

“While the plotting and set pieces are both as taut as an assassin’s sticky garrote, it’s the roll call of lovably trainwreck characters that keeps Slow Horses galloping along so engagingly,” the review reads.

“From the get go, this is nervy, visceral stuff but it still has heaps of fun letting all the players mercilessly banter each other into oblivion. The previous seasons set the bar high, but this is probably the best yet.”

That’s your lot for now, but we’re hoping to see more reviews of Slow Horses season 3 trickle in and cement this new season as a true must-watch for Apple TV Plus users.

Not watched Slow Horses yet? It’s a spy drama that follows a team of MI5 agents and their drunken, slovenly boss Jackson Lamb, played with true panache by Gary Oldman.

Slow Horses made its debut in April 2022, so how are well already on season three? The show has pretty short seasons, with six episodes a piece.

The first two episodes of Slow Horses season three will be available on Apple TV Plus on November 29, while the rest will be released weekly after that. It’s already been commissioned for a fourth season too, expected some time in 2024.