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You need to see this astonishing 'no-look' save from keeper Ben Amos

How on earth did he pull this off?

You need to see this astonishing 'no-look' save from keeper Ben Amos
14 May 2018

Honestly, actually looking what you’re doing these days is so passé.

No, to truly stand out in the current climate, you need to forgo the sense of sight and rely on the rest of it, otherwise you will be ostracised by your peers.

And one sportsman, Charlton Athletic goalkeeper Ben Amos, has truly taken it to the next level.

First we had no-look passes; for example, this one from LeBron James, who took out an entire team in the process:

Then you have the no-look goal, as perfected by Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino, which really is just showing off rather than for any practical reason.

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But now former Manchester United goalkeeper Amos has taken it next level, with a sensational no-look save whilst playing for Charlton Atheltic against Shrewsbury in the second leg of their League One play-off semi-final.

Just take a look at this (unlike Amos himself), described as the ‘save of the season’ by former Sunderland keeper David Preece (we’re not about to argue with that assessment):

Absolutely incredible, although it will probably come as little consolation, given that the Addicks lost the game 1-0, going out 2-0 on aggregate to their Shropshire opponents.

Still, at least one quick-witted reply might have cheered him up a bit:

While another legend of the game gave it the thumbs up:

Praise from Big Nev and the accolade of Save of the Season - cheer up Ben and have a nice summer break playing that save over and over in your head.

(Image: Getty)