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Nike's futuristic self-lacing trainers are dropping this year

Your dream of owning Marty's shoes from Back To The Future II will soon become a reality

Nike's futuristic self-lacing trainers are dropping this year
21 September 2016

The future is here.

No, not jet packs or houses on the moon, something far, far better is coming: self-tying trainers.

Yes, your childhood style dream inspired by Marty's footwear in Back To The Future II has been created by Nike - and they've got a release date.

The self-lacing Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, whose nylon bands along the tongue and the sides tighten and expand with the push of a button, will be available in the USA from 28 November (UK release date coming soon).

Other new details include how the battery system works, which features a blue light that illuminates briefly to signify when the motor is running. This power lasts up to two weeks, and after that it needs charged for three hours.

And if that wasn't futuristic enough, Nike has also announced that they're already working on new styles that can adjust to your feet automatically without an operating button, which is slightly terrifying yet also cool.