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Nike's Flax Trainer Collection

Nike's Flax Trainer Collection

Nike's Flax Trainer Collection
28 October 2014

Burnt umber. Stark yellow. Earthy red. These are the colours we've come to expect from autumnal fashion releases, shielding us from the reality of dull, urban greys and puddles. When we heard news that Nike was releasing a 'Flax' collection just in time for November, we were confused. We didn't even know flax was a colour...

Reassuringly for us, it isn't. The three part release from Nike derives its tone and hues from the brown seeds of the fiberous crop flax (otherwise known as linseed, but you knew that) which is often harvested late in the year before the frosts set in. So having dealt with the agricultural details of Nike's release, let's look at their shoes.

The Air Force 1 Mid, Air Max 1 and Air Trainer 1 have all been reworked in velvet-smooth brown (flax coloured) leather and contrasting brown (just brown) mid-soles. A splash of green picks out the lettering and Swoosh of the labels, while matching laces round off the autumnal look. 

Given the variety of colours and prints that Nike ship their shoes in, we'd usually think it madness to buy a set of all-brown trainers - but each model in the Flax collection looks gorgeous. We can't think of a reason why we won't be buying a set when they arrive on 1 November and running amok in a pile of leaves. 

(Images: Nike)