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A tone-deaf New York fashion show just took Zoolander's homeless range literally

FYI 'Derelicte' is now a real thing

A tone-deaf New York fashion show just took Zoolander's homeless range literally
03 February 2017

Because we live in a parody of a world we thought would never happen, N.Hoolywood’s Japanese designer Daisuke Obana debuted a new menswear collection inspired by America’s homeless youth. 

Except being artistically ironic in the face of the ridiculousness of Men’s Fashion Week wasn’t really the reason why Obana did it. Attendees to the runway show were given a little explainer to read before models were sent down the catwalk. It read:

“As our designer traveled the cities of America, he witnessed the various ways in which people there lived on the streets and the knowledge they have acquired while doing so.

“His observations of these so-called homeless or street people revealed that them [sic] to be full of clever ideas for covering the necessities of life.”

What that resulted in was a tone-deaf show, where models were instructed to look forlorn and defeated as they paraded outfits that exceed a thousand dollars.

Expert layering used items like puffer jackets. 

And sweaters used as scarves. Because ‘street people’ use whatever they can to stay warm.

Blankets of coats – described as ‘ingenious’ rather than last resorts when you have nothing.

As well as immortalising refuse bags with PVC to use as accessories, rather than holding your worldly possessions.

Obana has previously intertwined fashion and issues before successfully – this time last year he presented a collection inspired by climate change, playing with extreme heat, extreme cold and mixing up seasons using unique manmade fabrics. 

Unfortunately, this season turned out to be more tasteless than Mugatu himself.


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