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New pictures of Prince George prove that he's an absolute baller

The young royal is about to become your new style icon

New pictures of Prince George prove that he's an absolute baller
22 July 2016

A three-year-old is more stylish than you. Embarrassing, but true. Newly released pictures of young Prince George rocking some nice threads prove it.

Don't believe us? Well let's examine the evidence...

Swing when you're winning

He's so rich he could be rocking a Saint Laurent leather jacket, Yeezy trainers and diamond encrusted gold grill, but the prince stays humble in summer with timeless chino shorts.

Whale of a time

Wearing knitwear in 30 degree heat? Who cares about sweating when you look this cool. All around the country now men are trying to squeeze into ages 3-5 nautical striped jumpers with blue whales on, weeping while they rip them because they know they can never possibly recreate this iconic look.

Tees all that

Thought the colour of the summer was pink? No, George is wearing all blue, so it's blue. Any fashion publication that says otherwise will go to bed without dessert on the orders of the stylish prince.

Bring knit on

Technically George is the boss of the Beefeaters he's wearing on his sleeveless knitwear. Which is a bit weird when you think about it. Imagine your manager coming to work with your face on a t-shirt? HR! HR! HR!

Gown time

Not many people can say they've shaken the hand of the American President whilst wearing their pyjamas, but George isn't any normal person. Obama is in awe, but the wee royal's face suggests he's wondering who this peasant is interrupting his Peppa Pig time.

Quilty pleasure

Nothing says royalty more than a quilted jacket with a tartan lining and cord elbow patches. This is his I-know-fox-hunting-is-banned-but-what-are-you-going-to-do-I-have-royal-blood-running-through-my-veins outfit. Or he's just going to nursery.

Say (Waitrose gruyere) cheese!

When you upstage the Queen in a photo, you know you've got some mad skills. Here George coordinates his blue piped shirt with his great gran's dress. He's smiling so much because she just slyly slipped him a fiver so he can go get some Haribo.

Cardigan king

Cardigans are often associated with the older generation who have a constant supply of hard mints in their pockets at all times, but here George reclaims the look in a preppy outfit.