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Four-time world’s best gin No.3 gets a fresh face with new bottle makeover

Out with the old, in with the new

Four-time world’s best gin No.3 gets a fresh face with new bottle makeover
Holly Pyne

The UK has certainly become a nation of gin lovers but, with over 73 million bottles of gin being sold each year, brands have got to do something spectacular to catch our eye.

So, with new gins coming out left, right and centre, the ‘world’s best gin’ No.3 has had a makeover - and we have to say that we’re loving it’s bright, fresher vibe.
Its dark square silhouette has been replaced by a turquoise six-sided bottle, designed to represent the six botanicals within, which include juniper, citrus and spice.

However, the distinctive key logo remains, taking pride of place on the front of the bottle.

Four-time world’s best gin No.3 gets a fresh new face

Taste wise, this gin is everything you'd expect from the packaging; it is crisp with floral notes, which are then followed by a spicy warm flavour of cardamom and a final dryness from the angelica.
And it really does feel like this gin has won every award out there. To be exact, it’s won 24 awards since 2010 - including the International Spirits Challenge ‘Best in Class’ gin trophy four times (aka what makes it the ‘world’s best gin’).
If that wasn’t enough, No.3 also became the first gin to win the title of Supreme Champion Spirit this year (over-achieving much?).
If you want to get your hands on this shiny new bottle, it will be available to buy from October for £35 (70cl).
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