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Sorry, The Witcher! Netflix has a new number one show

Netflix has a new number one hit on its hands...

Sorry, The Witcher! Netflix has a new number one show
Andrew Williams
19 July 2023

Netflix’s The Lincoln Laywer: Season 2 is the streamer’s number one most-watched show of the week, kicking The Witcher: Season 3 off the top spot.

It achieved this with an estimated 8.3 million views, and 35 million hours total hours viewed according to official Netflix stats.

Good news? Sure, but the second season hasn’t quite managed to light Netflix ablaze like the first did. The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 1 opened with a 45 million-hour half week, then a whopper of 108 million hours for its full week on stream.

Season 2’s 31 million and 35 million hour weeks on the chart so far don’t look quite so hot by comparison.

One reason is The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 2 is split into two parts. The major bingers aren’t having as much of an effect as they had in Season 1, as right now you can only watch five of the show’s 10 new episodes.

This two-part structure has become a theme of recent Netflix releases. It gives shows two hits of publicity, two chances for a hot promo slot on the Netflix interface.

Reviews suggest the second season continues the style and quality level established in the first, without perhaps doing much to win over scores of new fans. But should you try it out if you’re new to the show? Absolutely.

It’s based on the same source material as the 2011 movie starring Matthew McConaughey, a series of novels by Michael Connelly.

Netflix top 10 shows and movies

Other notables in this week’s Netflix chart include Is it Cake Too?. It gathered 15 million hours and 2.5 million views, again a way off the original Is it Cake?’s 48 million hours from 2022.

The biggest winner from this week’s Netflix chart is arguably The Lincoln Lawyer’s first season, with 28 million hours, 3.4 million views. This beats a handful of brand new entries including Quarterback, Too Hot to Handle Season 5, Hack my Home and Sonic Prime Season 2.

So are series fans re-watching the original? Or have season one viewers just not flocked to The Lincoln Lawyer in quite the way the series’s creators might have hoped? We’ll be on the watch for its performance when the second half arrives on August 3.

Care more about movies than TV? The Out-Laws is this week’s number one movie with 28 million views, despite a 21% RottenTomatoes score. And the first brand new entry, as the The Out-Laws made its debut last week, is Adam Driver’s tasty slice of sci-fi nonsense 65 with 6.8 million views.

65 was a classic “wait until it’s on streaming” cinema release for many, so maybe consider it for a watch this weekend.