Gingers rejoice! You now finally have your own emoji

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Gary Ogden
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For so many years, blondes have actually been having more fun. And so have all the other hair colours. BUT NOT ANYMORE

Imagine having ginger hair - just think how terrible it would be (or maybe you don’t have to). Just absolutely horrible being ginger. Properly just the very worst thing ever. Why? Well, because they don’t have their own emoji. 

Let that sink in, and you shall feel their pain: they do not have their own emoji. How can a person truly belong without an emoji to reflect them? Are you even human without an emoji? Probably not.

But all that is to change, and gingers can finally join the club - their lives have become imminently liveable - ginger emojis are on their way. 

Yep, June 5 will mark the introduction of over 150 new emojis, and after what seemed like an age of oppression, gingers have finally found representation. Emojis: the real cultural barometer.

So, with that sign of a more accepting world in mind, would you like to see them? Would you like to see all of them? Yep, yeah, yes:


As you can see, also included in the update are other important gestures of inclusion, reflecting similar neglected minorities, like:

Pissed people

People with a cold face


Lacrosse players

People with DNA

Pirates and mathematicians

Erm, legs

2018, what a time to be alive, if you are a leg.

(Images: YouTube)


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Gary Ogden

Gary Ogden

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