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The new MacBooks could be cheaper than an iPhone 8

Which is obviously way better than it being cheaper than an iPhone X

The new MacBooks could be cheaper than an iPhone 8
06 March 2018

If you’re planning on splashing out for a new laptop anytime soon, consider holding on for a bit. Apple are apparently soon to unveil secret plans for cheaper MacBooks and AirPods, according to securities analysts.

Based on supply chain details pored over in fine detail by people who know what such things mean, it seems that there might be plans afoot to release a 13-inch MacBook Air with a lower price point than before - while Apple have kind of neglected the Air line of computers, they’ve continually sold well, mainly to students. 

They currently start at US$999 in America and £849 here, but that’s expected to drop for the new model with GHB Insights analyst Daniel Ives telling The Sun: “We believe a lower priced MacBook Air will be introduced over the coming months as Apple’s looking to capture demand with a more digestible price,”

“We believe $799 and possible $699 will be the prices for this next version.” 

If true this would make the new MacBook cheaper than the iPhone 8, which currently starts at £699. The device is predicted to come out in the second quarter of 2018, so pretty soon, and is part of a plan to increase annual MacBook sales by up to 15%. Apple are the most profitable company in the world, so they’re hardly struggling for sales, but iPhone X sales have been underwhelming (because the iPhone X costs as much as a house) so maybe they’re anxious to make up for the shortfall.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the first MacBook Air back in 2008, he did it by taking the computer out of an envelope - ultra-thinness has always been the USP of the range. Like, it was a big envelope - it wasn’t like people expected it to only contain a birthday card. It clearly had something of substance in it, but of impressively thin substance. There are definitely envelopes that contain thicker documents though. If you get divorced, that’s probably thicker than a MacBook Air, I’d wager. In fact, it would take a pile of five MacBook Airs to be as tall as one Big Mac. That’s thin.

They’re less powerful than a standard MacBook but ever so slender.

Change is also afoot with AirPods, Apple’s wireless, gravity-defying Bluetooth headphones. A new version with increased Siri functionality and less tapping is expected to drop in the second half of the year. Instead of having to tap a headphone before commanding Siri to adjust the volume (or whatever your request is), you’ll be able to just say “Hey Siri” if you wish.

It should make people look a bit less like they’re talking to off-screen producers and a bit more like they’re losing their minds. Fun!

(Images: Apple/Pixabay/Rex)