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​New Balance's limited-edition trainers look scrappy for a very good reason

The Made In US 998 range looks like modern art.

​New Balance's limited-edition trainers look scrappy for a very good reason

When it comes to sneakers, it’s pretty much a case of the more unique the better. Which is why this pair caught our interest, hot off the New Balance factory floor… quite literally.

The design, made as part of the New Balance Made In US 998 range, was created in a bid to transform the surplus material scattered across the factory floor.

Sure, they might well look like some form of wearable sculpture, but these bad boys are in fact the latest bid by New Balance to curb their waste and the brand’s impact on the planet.

It’s an issue that’s been increasingly highlighted across the fashion industry in recent years, with more brands feeling the need to cut down on waste given buyers’ increased awareness of disposable fashion.

New Balance launches striking limited-edition range made from surplus materials

Each design is a genuine 1-of-1 given the variations in scraps available, with only 100 pairs available (and rumour has it these have already sold out online).

The designs feature an exaggerated silhouette, raw material edges and the signature New Balance ‘N’ design on the side of the upper.

You might want to hold off wearing these until the summer, though, as we’re pretty sure - given the amount of material involved - that one wrong step into a puddle could lead to a Dawn French, Vicar of Dibley moment that you may not resurface from.

Available in five unique colourways, fans are hoping larger quantities of the design will hit virtual shelves imminently.