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New Balance's new M770SBN trainers might be the nicest dad shoes ever

Made in the UK and made to be loved

New Balance's new M770SBN trainers might be the nicest dad shoes ever
08 May 2017

Brown trainers: where do you stand? 

To some they’re just another shade on the palette or another weapon in the arsenal. Who knows when you might need some? You ever been caught short for a shoe that works with your outfit and you start getting all hot, a bit sweaty, and storming around your room, pulling boxes open like Deal or No Deal run amok, blaming all and sundry for the fact that you don’t own any premium-build brown and black M770SBN trainers by New Balance? Sure you have. We all have. We have, unquestionably, all been there. It’s always handy to have one locked and loaded: a trainer beauty in a shade too often overlooked. 

And to others, the brown trainer represents nothing more than DIY on Sundays, newspaper ink on fingertips, falling asleep in front of the television watching Band of Brothers again. But sometimes dads get lucky: sometimes dads can be cool. Dads, too, can be stylish. 

To us, the M770SBN, the catchily titled new shoe released by New Balance as part of their well-received Made in the UK range, a range so called for their construction in the Cumbrian town of Flimby, stand for the very, very best in dad chic. A nice, almost moccasin-ish silohuette, padded heel, and gold detailing all go down like a smooth bitter in a pub with loads of great dogs. Maybe a little injection of what-if-Ken-Loach-was-into-sportswear into your wardrobe might just be the key look this season, who knows!

(We know, and we say it is.)

The New Balance M770SBN ‘Made in the UK’ is available now from Oi Polloi