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Netflix's The Sandman is here and reviewers are calling it one of 2022's best shows

Neil Gaiman's seminal graphic novel gets a fantastic adaptation.

Netflix's The Sandman is here and reviewers are calling it one of 2022's best shows
Marc Chacksfield
05 August 2022

One of the most anticipated shows of 2022 has arrived, with Sandman now available to stream on Netflix in its entirety.

The show, based on the classic graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, was always thought to be unfilmable. But, according to the spate of reviews that have come with the release, the show is not only worth watching but some of the best TV of the year.

Sandman has a huge cast of characters and stars (among others): Tom Sturridge, Boyd Holbrook, Jenna Coleman and Gwendoline Christie.

According to Netflix, the plot of The Sandman is as follows: "After years of imprisonment, Morpheus - the King of Dreams - embarks on a journey across worlds to find what was stolen from him and restore his power."

This is what the critics have been saying about the show...

Netflix's The Sandman is here and reviewers are calling it 'the year's best show'

The Guardian notes that one of the episodes is the best thing you will watch this year and that: "This dark, engrossing comic book adaptation is utterly lavish, and features an emotional depth that’s almost unheard of in fantasy epics. It should delight fans and newcomers alike."

Empire's four-star review is full of praise, saying: "With its attention to the source material, its impressive cast, and the kind of expansive world-building that surely demands more seasons, The Sandman is what dreams are made of."

IGN says it is "as faithful of an adaptation" as it can be, revealing: "The Sandman is everything longtime fans could have dreamed of in an adaptation. Tom Sturridge is utterly ethereal as Dream, and his co-stars seem to keep pace with him with ease."

The Standard does note that "non fantasy fans will struggle to become invested, while people who didn’t grow up with the comics will likely need a few episodes to wrap their heads around the mind-boggling amount of lore being paraded solemly in front of them." But it is also full of praise, continuing with: "This sumptuous rendering of Neil Gaiman’s iconic comic book is a visual feast, and a treasure trove of storylines waiting to be uncovered."

Polygon is a little more balanced in its review, saying: "Netflix’s The Sandman, as faithful as it may be, is still an adaptation with the roughest edges smoothed off, a dark fantasy that’s never that dark, a fable that explains just a little too much."

The AV Club isn't entirely impressed, noting that the adaptation is faithful but "can't capture the magic" of the books.

Overall the reviews are positive and given the wealth of material Netflix has to work with, this is one show that should run and run.