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Netflix's chilling new horror brings stalker-drama to the fore

Based on the one-man show from comedian Richard Gadd, it's unmissable

Netflix's chilling new horror brings stalker-drama to the fore
Netflix is pulling no punches where horror is concerned, unveiling one of this month's most anticipated releases: Baby Reindeer.

We've already tipped it as one of the best Netflix shows to watch this April, with this eerie modern-day fable a must for fans of delightfully dark humour.

Created by Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, Baby Reindeer is a twisted horror that transforms into a comical example of why showing vulnerability is a terrible idea.

Complete with a dark and decidedly unhinged premise, we can almost guarantee that you'll never be able to see an email that says 'sent from iPhone' in quite the same way ever again.

Richard Gadd is a comedian; a real-life one as well as an on-screen funny man (albeit it a failing miserably).

He's also being stalked by an unhinged women after a moment of generosity over a cuppa massively backfires.

Gadd’s alter ego is Donny Dunn in this series, depicting traumatic real-life events that lead to the comedians life slowly unravelling thanks to his obsessive stalker.

Baby Reindeer was developed from the comic's 2019 show of the same name, depicting his own experiences of being stalked over a decade-long period.

“How a single act of kindness leads down a twisty road paved with hundreds of hours of voice messages and north of 40,000 emails,” reads the seven-part series' official blurb.

And it's safe to say there's something undeniably hypnotic about a stranger-than-fiction, real-life story portrayed by the very person who experienced it, get progressively more disturbing.

Making its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe back in 2019, Baby Reindeer made its way to West End London theatres in 2020 - and now, Netflix.

The series is split over eight roughly 30-minute episodes, with this low budget offering slated to put the big dogs to shame where quality of material is concerned.
Given this one is is produced by Andy Baker and Petra Fried (The End of the F***ing World), we have high hopes.

A series that gets progressively more disturbing as more, incrementally chilling incidents come to light, Martha’s behaviour slowly spirals into an obsessive rampage.

and Donny’s more self-destructive, the two become locked in a terrible downward spiral. This is a self-loathing horror that is relentlessly bleak.

It's a series that has already been praised by fans and critics alike.

The Guardian gives Baby Reindeer four stars: "Inevitably, Baby Reindeer makes for stressful and often distressing viewing; in describing it as “still piercingly funny”, the marketing bods at Netflix are the only ones having a laugh... It is original, compelling, and unforgettable."

The Independent gives it four stars, writing: "This is twisty, mature, self-interrogating stuff that will leave you more troubled than tickled."

The i paper gives the series a stonking 5 star review: "Baby Reindeer is rewardingly complex, challenging our perceptions of what a victim looks like, and asking urgent questions about the support available to both mentally ill people and victims of stalking. It dwells in pockets of moral ambiguity and cuts even deeper into Gadd’s own shame and psyche than the stage original."

The Telegraph gives the show three stars, describing it as "public therapy": "The question with Baby Reindeer is: do you want to go there? It’s a complex, at times self-defeating portrait of a mind eating itself alive. It’s not fun and it’s not meant to be – that’s admirable as art, perhaps less so as entertainment."