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This dramatic new Netflix show is going to be everyone's next TV obsession

Resistance is futile

This dramatic new Netflix show is going to be everyone's next TV obsession
25 January 2018

Hey, you know what’s great about Netflix? It’s the way it takes things into account like work and sleep, and doesn’t keep filling up with so much good stuff than you could ever have time to watch it all. 

LOL JK THEY DON’T TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT AT ALL. The only way to keep up with all the great stuff they’re continually putting out is to quit your job, somehow lower the requirement for sleep (some kind of mutation would do this, maybe, or a saline drip where you replaced the saline with those nasty 49p energy drinks they sell in off-licences) and stick another telly next to your telly.

The latest rad-looking new show they’ve got is Seven Seconds, from the makers of the US version of The Killing. Adapted from 2013 Russian movie The Major but relocated to New York, it follows the events surrounding the death of Brenton Butler, a black teenager killed in a hit-and-run incident. 

It looks compelling, harrowing and really beautifully made. It stars the Emmy-nominated Regina King, and features the final directorial work of the late Jonathan Demme.

Oooooof. It feels like a mixture of The Killing, True Detective, Mike’s backstory from Better Call Saul and a really good ten-hour episode of Law & Order. 

All ten episodes of the first season drop on February 23, and as far as we can tell, the idea is that if it does well, every season would deal with a different case. Fun! Well, not fun desperately upsetting, but, you know, good.

(Image: Netflix)