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Netflix just announced premiere dates for its Original shows

Your binge diary is filling up fast

Netflix just announced premiere dates for its Original shows
09 February 2017

The world in 2017 is an uncertain place - what is to come? Will it be good? Will it be bad? Will Take Me Out finally return to our screens? These questions and more go unanswered. However, one thing we do know the answer to, is that Netflix will continue to exist and bring joy to our lives as the planet potentially crumbles around our TV stands. And to really drum up the optimism, they’ve announced the premiere dates for some of their biggest shows this year.

Here’s a quick rundown of the good news:

Casting JonBenet (April 28)

Netflix are riding the true-crime wave that they caused when they dropped Making A Murderer onto our laps, with a documentary on the horrifying murder of child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey. There have already been a number of docs about the case, including a high-profile one last year, but this one puts a twist on it by auditioning local actors to play the lead role in a movie about the case.

Chef's Table Season 3 (February 17)

If you’re a foodie, first: stop calling yourself that, and second: you’ll be excited to hear about the return of this chef-profiling series. Each episode focuses on a different world-renowned chef, with this season travelling to Japan, South Korea, Germany and Peru, among other tasty destinations.

Marvel's Iron Fist (March 17)

Do you like watching people get kicked in the head? What about punched? The latest in Marvel’s run of original TV shows (coming hot on the heels of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage) focuses on a man called Finn Jones as he transforms into the kung-fu master Iron Fist. It’ll be tough to beat Daredevil, which was excellent, but the trailer does have a lot of punching in, so hopes are high.

Love Season 2 (March 10)

The second series of Judd Apatow’s sweet rom-com is just around the corner. If you saw the first season, then you know what to expect - a funny, measured take on dating, covering both male and female perspectives. You know, your usual Apatow schtick. 

Grace and Frankie Season 3 (March 24)

This comedy drama about two aging women forced to live together when their respective husbands fall in love with one another, took a while to find its feet but won rave reviews for its second season. At the very least, it’s something you can watch with your mum.

Girlboss (April 21)

Book-to-movie time. Here, it’s the rags-to-riches tale of real-life success story Sophia Amoruso and her super quick climb up the corporate ladder to become CEO of her own massive fashion empire. It’s based on her autobiography and stars Britt Robertson from Tomorrowland as Sophia.

Dear White People (April 28)

Movie-to-TV-show time! This one is based on the 2014 comedy movie of the same name, which focused on a bunch of African American youngsters at uni, as they deal with racial tensions on campus. It received rave reviews, and the same team are bringing it to the small screen, so it’s in good hands.

House of Cards Season 5 (May 30)

Those of you still honing your Kevin Spacey impressions will have even more source material once the fifth season of this political drama hits. Unfortunately, showrunner Beau Willimon has stepped down this time around, so it’s possible the magic might leave with him, but hey, give it a chance, yeah? You’ve got nothing better to do.

Orange Is The New Black Season 5 (June 9)

Another Netflix juggernaut returns, as we continue on the confined adventures of Piper Chapman as she negotiates the tight corridors of a women’s jail in New York. Each series has absolutely killed it in the critical stakes, so there’s no reason for this one to do any different, and with last season’s shock ending, we positively welcome any more twists and turns it has up its orange sleeve...