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Netflix picks up new serial killer thriller - and it looks incredible

Streamer is betting big on this true-crime tale...

Netflix picks up new serial killer thriller - and it looks incredible
Marc Chacksfield
12 September 2023

Netflix has landed one of the deals of the year, picking up a new serial killer thriller that was showcased at TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival).

Starring Anna Kendrick, Woman Of The Hour focuses on the bizarre true-life story of a contestant on US Show The Dating Game who pairs with someone that ends up being a serial killer.

The deal, according to Variety, is the biggest of the festival so far and it marks Anna Kendrick's directorial debut and sees the movie head back to Netflix after a previous round of cost-cutting had seen the streaming service option, but not go ahead with, shooting the Black Listed script.

Netflix picks up new serial killer thriller - and it sounds incredible

The movie has had its premiere and it's been getting rave reviews and has debuted on Rotten Tomatoes with a fantastic 94%. Here's what the critics are saying:

IndieWire notes: "Kendrick’s image as an actor isn’t necessarily tied to dark, edgy material, but as a director she shows a talent for staging scenes of Hitchcockian suspense alongside her signature wit."

The Wrap reckons: “Woman of the Hour can be light on its feet, but it can also dig in and stomp down hard."

Collider says: "Woman of the Hour is a tight, smartly handled thriller that may stumble at times with its thematic ideas, but wins you over with its deft handling behind the camera."

While Bloody Disgusting notes: "Kendrick’s incisive vision, blending horror and humor with nonlinear storytelling, makes for an unshakable debut."

There's no word on when Woman Of The Hour will hit Netflix but the deal sees Netflix grab the US streaming rights, as well as a number of international and European territories.

Netflix has been growing its original programming of late, with a number of exclusive movies and shows in the pipeline, including Wonka, The Killer, Reptile, Rebel Moon and many more.