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Netflix has a new number one show - and it's a worldwide hit

If you are a fan of The Night Agent, then this one is for you...

Netflix has a new number one show - and it's a worldwide hit
Andrew Williams
28 August 2023

A new Netflix hit is rapidly brewing. TV series Who is Erin Carter? has shot to the top of Netflix Top 10 lists just days after it hit the service on August 24.

According to FlixPatrol, the show has gone straight in to the number one slot across the vast majority of territories across the world, bar just a few of Netflix’s served countries. It’s currently number two in Turkey, for example, behind this week’s other big release, Ragnarok.

This is no mean feat for Who is Erin Carter?, which released just a week before Depp V Heard, a docu-series with pre-packaged word-of-mouth on its side.

FlixPatrol rates it at 888 points in its own chart heat system, beating both Ragnarok with 722, Depp V Heard with 498 and top-charting movie You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.

The one missing piece is the actual viewing hours for Who is Erin Carter?, which is the clearest sign of how big a hit we’re dealing with. These will be published over at the Tudum Netflix site in the coming days.

Who is Erin Carter? reviews

Not watched Who is Erin Carter? yet? It’s a thriller in which a British schoolteacher in Spain finds herself amid a supermarket robbery, and her life is upended when she stops the crime single-handed and one of the robbers claims to recognise her. That title is not just there for decoration.

Is it worth a watch? If you enter with the right expectations, sure, because Who is Erin Carter? was not quite an instant critical smash.

Netflix has a new number one show - and it's a worldwide hit
Image Credit: Netflix

AV Forums summed it up nicely as “a guilty, addictive binge,” and “throwaway-but-eminently-engaging entertainment.”

The more positive reviews paint the series as something fans of The Night Agent might enjoy.

However, the Guardian thinks the show is a 1-star stinker, saying “Who Is Erin Carter? is not convincing… Nor is it suspenseful. Its tepid plot takes an age to get going, to the extent that it does.” Ouch.

Our advice is that if you do want to give Who is Erin Carter? a try, bear in mind it does have a slow start. Be prepared for a few slog-like moments in the first few episodes. It does pick up a bit.

Who is Erin Carter? Is a seven-episode series, with each episode running at between 45 and 55 minutes. It stars Evan Ahmad, who has featured in other Netflix shows including Snabba Cash, The Rain and Quicksand.