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Narcos season 3 gets release date and a brand new trailer

No more Escobar, but the war against the cartels is far from over

Narcos season 3 gets release date and a brand new trailer

Following the death of (GIANT SPOILERS ALERT) notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar in season 2, the next chapter of Narcos will shift its focus to Columbia’s Cali Cartel.

With the kingpin antagonist out of the picture, Netflix’s smash hit show has essentially hit the reset button, but don’t expect the DEA to have an easier time of it. Led by four powerful godfathers, this new cartel prefer to bribe government officials and keep their business out of the headlines. In doing, so they’ve become the biggest drug-trafficking organisation in the world, and the perfect challenge for the returning Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal).

It’s Peña’s voice we hear in the brand new teaser trailer, who warns: “When the whole world was focussed on Escobar, Cali became the biggest cocaine cartel in history. To pretend that these guys weren't just as evil as the guy that came before them, that's a mistake.” 

Narcos season 3 premieres globally on Netflix on September 1.