If you have one of these names you’re going to be earning the big bucks

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New research has looked into the value of your name – and, predictably, male names come out on top. Here’s what your name could be worth on the job market

What’s in a name, eh? Well, according to some new research, your name could actually be the key to how you make each year.

A new study from jobs search engine Adzuna has found the top-earning names in the UK job market – and, pretty depressingly, it shows a massive gap between men and women.

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The algorithm-based research has exposed the average earning potential of male and female individuals and shows first names can significantly impact earning potential.

The results found that, out of the 1,000 names listed with corresponding average salaries, only 13 per cent of women earned an average salary of over £30,000 compared to over half of males (60%).

Ed took the top spot at £61,362, followed by Giles, Gerry and Philippe.

Here’s the (all-male) list of the top-earning names in the UK:

1. Ed = £61,362
2. Giles = £59,390
3. Gerry = £58,257
4. Philippe = £57,787
5. Bill = £56,731
6. Ralph = £56,144
7. Ron = £55,565
8. Ashok = £54,830
9. Sergey = £54,173
10. Geoff = £53,991

This research confirms the much-discussed gender pay gap

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, commented: “Despite the Equal Pay Act in 1970, women still earn less than men in Britain today and this isn’t changing fast enough. Equal Pay Day fell on the 10 November last year and the year before showing the Gender Pay Gap is not closing over time.

“While most employers recognise women are key to the economy and contribute to the success of this country, they are not being paid to reflect this. True career equality for men and women is still, sadly, a work in progress.”

You can see how much your name is worth compared to your friends, family and colleagues by clicking here.

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