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Merch so cool you don't even have to like the music

We'd happily sit through Bieber singing Baby to bag one of his t-shirts

Merch so cool you don't even have to like the music
08 August 2016

If Kendall Jenner can get away with wearing a Slayer t-shirt, you can definitely get away with wearing merchandise of a musician you don't like or never even heard of.

Here's our roundup of the best alternative merchandise out there. Who knows, you might even actually like the artist, which would be a win-win and much less embarrassing when someone asks what your favourite album by said artist is.


We really didn't have the nineties grunge brand down as avid cyclists, but what do we know. Next time you run a red light (yeah, we see you) do it in style with this Pixies cycling jersey.

Where is your jersey? Right here!

Oli Sykes

The Bring Me The Horizon frontman has created some stunning catwalk worthy streetwear with this brand since its inception in 2005, working with the likes of Sonic, Germlins and other retro imagery. His new mini-drop, Deaducation, features bombers, tees and hoodies with custom graphics, designed in-house at their Sheffield HQ.

Bring Me The Clothes

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber may be as metal as a polystyrene cup, but his Metallica-esque font t-shirts with Purpose Tour branding are, dare we say it, really cool (may God/Satan forgive us).

Get one at Urban Outfitters


If the classical genius was still around today he'd definitely be rocking these casual co-ords by Opening Ceremony. Either that or he's spinning in his grave.

Thou can findeth more about doth collection here

Kanye West

The big mouthed rapper may have an inflamed ego, but when all your tours and clothing sells out faster than you can say "Ray J made my wife famous", can you really blame him? By far the adidas x Yeezy Boosts are his finest work, miles better than all that beige post-apocalyptic wear he dragged out of the trash.

You're going to have to eBay these bad boys


If you want to show off your love of metal as well as your booty, these Asstodon micro shorts from Mastodon (see what they did there?) is the perfect combination of fan merch and needlessly exposing yourself.

Get yours from the official Mastodon site

Pharrell Williams

We thought Happy would be blaring on the airwaves forever, but it looks like Pharrell has managed to focus his energy on adidas collaborations instead of twee pop tunes.As long as he stays away from designing stupidly tall hats, we'll be fine.

Clap along if you feel that you need this look


"All I want for Christmas is...the apocalypse to bring destruction to humanity." Yes, cult thrash metal band Slayer has a festive jumper adorned with pentagrams and swords. Season's greetings!

Get yours now and impress your nan this Christmas


The melancholy Canadian has recently jumped on the Yeezy bandwagon by setting up a pop up store in New York to flog his Revenge Tour merch.

If you want the Revenge hoodies, you'll have to catch him on tour, as his pop up store and popped and gone!

My Chemical Romance

Admit it. Back in the day you loved MCR, listening to The Black Parade as you swished your floppy black fringe out of your eyes every five seconds. If you didn't go through this awkward phase, it's not too late to unleash your inner emo with this monochrome skull hoodie.

Are you not OK? You will be if you click here

Odd Future

The hip hop collective featuring Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt has released some bright and bold streetwear over the years. But if you're not into wearing pink tube socks that make you look like your going to an American summer camp in the eighties, this tie dye donut tee is a great substitute.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Shop Them All

Iron Maiden

Heavy metal jewellers The Great Frog have handmade these sterling silver Killer Eddie rings in their London basement in homage to Iron Maiden's 1981 album. Cooler and less inconspicuous than wearing knuckle dusters.

Come and play with madness