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Move over 3 Body Problem! There's a new Netflix number one show

There's change at the top once more...

Move over 3 Body Problem! There's a new Netflix number one show
Marc Chacksfield
30 March 2024

One of the biggest Netflix shows of the year, 3 Body Problem, has lasted just a few weeks in the number-one spot, thanks to the release of a new show.

Testament: The Story of Moses is currently topping the Netflix TV charts. This three-part docudrama charts the Old Testament story of Moses, interspersing it with a variety of talking heads.

It's one part explainer of the 2,000 year old tale and one part faith drama, which is trying to get the message of Moses and the 10 Commandments over to a younger audience.

Cast-wise, Charles Dance is the narrator of the tale and Avi Azulay plays Moses.

Given its subject matter, there will be many that are 'all in' on the story being told, but the show has had something of a mixed response when it comes to the critics.

It's currently got a 33% Rotten Tomatoes score (albeit with a very limited number of reviews), with the audience only a little higher at 36%.

Move over 3 Body Problem! There's a new Netflix number one show
Image Credit: Netflix

Decider is a fan, noting that it's "one of the better docudrama series we’ve seen since this hybrid style of series came into vogue, mainly due to good acting, cohesive storytelling, and expert interviews that add to the narrative instead of interrupting it."

Ready Stead Cut isn't as impressed, writing: "The docuseries makes a point of reconstructing Moses’s life with balanced input from all three Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – and ends up telling the blandest and most anodyne version of an already well-known story."

While you would expect any documentary presenting religious beliefs to stoke up controversy, IndieWire believes that what is shown here isn't going to spark any online flame wars, explaining: "I cannot imagine any of the expert commentary stirring up much more than polite disagreement. What’s most upsetting is how easily the Netflix template gets mapped onto a two-thousand-year-old story, including a pre-credits teaser reel."

FlixPatrol has Testament: The Story of Moses at number one right now, with the top 10 as follows.

  • 1. Testament: The Story of Moses
  • 2. 3 Body Problem
  • 3. The Gentlemen
  • 4. Physical: 100
  • 5. Queen of Tears
  • 6. Homicide
  • 7. Bandidos
  • 8. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • 9. Monk
  • 10. Between Lands

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