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Most popular Apple games of 2019 revealed: is your favourite on the list?

Mario Kart, Roblox and Minecraft are Apple's top game reveals.

Most popular Apple games of 2019 revealed: is your favourite on the list?
Marc Chacksfield
03 December 2019

Apple has revealed its top games of 2019, with the release of its inaugural best-of year lists. Ever year Apple reveals the best iPhone games and best iPad games (both free and paid-for) as well as the best apps that can be used on your shiny Apple devices.

This year, there's no huge surprise when it comes to the best games. The best free game has been revealed as Mario Kart Tour and the best paid-for game is the ridiculously popular Minecraft.

Having Mario Kart Tour as a free game is a bit of a stretch, but technically is is free with in-app payments that you can buy if you need to. There is also a subscription version of the game.

When it comes to the iPad, Minecraft is, again, the best paid-for iPad game and Roblox is the best free game. Given this is a game that's over a decade old, that's pretty impressive but usage of the online game for kids has rocketed to well over 100 million users.

The best game lists come at a time when gaming on an iPad and iPhone has fundamentally changed for some. Apple Arcade has been around for a number of months now and, for a fixed subscription fee, you get access to hundreds of games.

You only have to glance at our best Apple Arcade games list to see that this is a fantastic way to game on the cheap on the iPhone - because of this, we expect this list to be quite different from Apple next year.

The full best-of lists are below:

Top Free iPhone Games

1 Mario Kart Tour
2 Color Bump 3D
4 Call of Duty: Mobile
5 BitLife - Life Simulator
6 Polysphere - art of puzzle
7 Wordscapes
8 Fortnite
9 Roller Splat!
10 AMAZE!!

Top Paid iPhone Games

1 Minecraft
2 Heads Up!
3 Plague Inc.
4 Bloons TD 6
5 Geometry Dash
6 Rebel Inc.
7 The Game of Life
8 Stardew Valley
9 Bloons TD 510 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Top Free iPad Games

1 Roblox
3 2
4 Color Bump 3D
5 Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
6 Fortnite
7 Polysphere - art of puzzle
8 Wordscapes
9 Tiles Hop - EDM Rush
10 Helix Jump

Top Paid iPad Games

1 Minecraft
2 Geometry Dash
3 Bloons TD 6
4 Plague Inc.
5 Amazing Frog?
6 Stardew Valley
7 The Game of Life
8 Heads Up!
9 Terraria
10 Bendy and the Ink Machine