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Everyone is laughing at this hilarious sculpture of Mo Salah

"Is that... Art Garfunkel?"

Everyone is laughing at this hilarious sculpture of Mo Salah
05 November 2018

Look, we don’t doubt that making a sculpture is a pretty difficult thing to do. Drawing is not easy, and that’s only two dimensions. Add a third into the mix, along with having to choose materials, together with the danger that one errant chip on your work could send the head flying off, and you’re into the realms of the seriously tricky.

So, we have sympathy.

But come on. Why does everyone seem to be so very bad at it? Especially when it comes to immortalising sporting heroes?

A new sculpture of the prolific Liverpool and Egypt striker Mohamed Salah has been unveiled in Sharm-el-Sheikh, and it follows the long and proud history of footballing statues in being absolutely appalling.

Just take a look at this:

It was created by Egyptian sculptor Mia Abdel Allah, and we would suggest that they book themselves a new eye as soon as is convenient, for that is a work that looks nothing like the player who scored 32 goals in his debut season at Anfield, securing England’s player’s player of the year award in the process.

Instead, people - as is their wont - were not slow to point out on Twitter that it looked a lot more like other celebrities.

Art Garfunkel for one:

Marv from Home Alone for another:

Leo Sayer for another:

Still, is it as bad as that old Ronaldo statue, which stood at Madeira airport until recently?

Or the virtually-as-bad one which replaced it?

Yeah. It’s worse isn’t it?

Honestly, we never realised Mo Salah had tiny arms like a T-Rex.

(Image: Getty)