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A limited number of 26-30 Millennial Railcards are on sale tomorrow - here's how to get one

Save yourself some sweet sweet cash

A limited number of 26-30 Millennial Railcards are on sale tomorrow - here's how to get one
12 March 2018

Good news for rail users is a rare thing indeed, so let’s roll out the bunting, get the party poppers in and all have a slice of cake to celebrate the news that Millennials everywhere are going to be able to get their sweaty little hands on a brand spanking new railcard tomorrow.

The new ‘millennial’ rail card for people aged between 26 and 30, taking a third off ‘most rail fares across Britain’, was announced last year before trialling in East Anglia in December, and now a larger ‘trial’ is beginning tomorrow (Tues 13 March).

10,000 of the beautiful creations will be available but, unlike the 16-25 railcard, this won’t be available as a physical card - instead it’s digital only, so you’ll need a smartphone app to use it; something which, if you’ve regularly had to endure the disgraceful, crippling rip-off prices of Virgin East Coast and its charming ‘Travel Buddy’ app which manages to not work most of the time despite the hundreds of pounds you’re donating to Richard Branson’s retirement fund, you’ll already be used to.


The 26-30 railcard will cost just £30 and can only be bought a year at a time - so no pulling the ‘buy a three year 16-25 railcard the day before your 26th birthday’ trick that served you so well before, when you hit 31.

You can buy your railcard here tomorrow, but if you miss out you can sign up to be alerted when the next batch go on sale.

Of course, to reduce prices they could just, y’know, make the fares cheaper, but then the rail companies wouldn’t make as much money, would they? And that, ultimately, is what we all really want isn’t it?

(Images: Pixabay/Emma Kim)