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Michael Moore is making a film about Donald Trump and Roseanne

The documentary filmmaker reckons they’ll both “rue the day” they met him

Michael Moore is making a film about Donald Trump and Roseanne
31 May 2018

Watch out, because Moore’s on the loose! Back once again with a renegade documentary, this time with his sights set firmly on Roseanne and Donald Trump. 

Whether this has been a long-time coming or as a result of the recent Roseanne X Twitter furore (read all about that here) remains to be seen, but what doesn’t is that he’ll certainly have a wealth of material to draw from.

You see, Moore has already met both of them before - an instance that he used to make his rather ominous announcement:

Moore, a noted Trump detractor, has openly talked out against the president both before and after he gained office - back in 2016, he released Michael Moore in Trumpland, which was a filmed one-man stand-up of sorts, and he also performed The Terms of My Surrender on Broadway last year. However, he’s yet to make a full-length doc about the man. 

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He did begin work on one, called Fahrenheit 11/9, but it’s yet to be released as a result of the countless accusations against its original producer Harvey Weinstein - as such, he’s starting from scratch, and this time he’s shoving Roseanne in the mix. 

Peculiarly, in 2016 he actually teamed up with Roseanne on the campaign ‘Stop Hate Dump Trump’, in which they both signed a petition to stop “hatred, fear mongering, bullying and racism in America”. Since then, she seems to have changed her tune a tad.

This 180 switch doesn’t seem to have escaped the view of Moore, and as such, she’s landed herself quite firmly under his incendiary lens whether she likes it or not:

So that’s the wick well and truly lit, ain’t it? Trump, Roseanne, Moore’s coming after you with his cap and New Balances - be afraid, be very afraid. Or simply sit back and enjoy your millions, whichever is easier.

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