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Michael Fassbender is going to star in a feature length sequel to 'Kung Fury'

The cult movie is going big league

Michael Fassbender is going to star in a feature length sequel to 'Kung Fury'
13 February 2018

The story of Kung Fury is one that could only have happened via the magic of the internet.

A ridiculous(ly billiant) slice of ‘80s nostalgia, the short film was funded by Kickstarter, bringing in an astonishing £412,000 courtesy of 17,000 adoring fans.

The action-packed 30 minute romp was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, complete with a David Hasselhoff cameo and even a track by the living legend, the epic ‘True Survivor’:

Kung Fury was an homage to the golden era of ‘80s martial arts films and featured a truly unbeatable plot, described by The Verge:

“After being bitten by a cobra and struck by lightning at the same time as his police partner was chopped in half by a sword-wielding kung fu master, Kung Fury is working as a cop in 1985-era Miami … His mission takes him on a quest through cyberspace, before ending in a climatic showdown in a secret underground bunker that pits dinosaurs, Norse gods, and cyborg hackers against Hitler and an army of his gas-masked goons.”

Eventually made available to watch for free on YouTube, Kung Fury has now racked up over 29 million views and there’s some great news for fans everywhere - there’s a sequel coming, and it’s going to star Michael Fassbender.

Variety reports that the creator and star of Kung Fury, David Sandberg, will appear again as the titular hero, while Hasselhoff will also be returning.

The as-yet-untitled sequel will begin shooting this summer; it’s been in development for a little while, with Sandberg having previously stated that the project would be a “clean slate”, containing no footage from the short film but taking place in the same universe.

Variety reports that, “The feature film will be set in 1985 in Miami, which is kept safe under the watchful eye of the police officer Kung Fury through his Thundercops police force. After the tragic death of a Thundercop causes the group to disband, a mysterious villain emerges from the shadows to aid in the Fuhrer’s quest to attain the ultimate weapon.”

Kung Fury attracted almost universal praise, with Todd Brown of Twitch Film calling it “a thirty-minute long, nonstop assault of some of the most astounding visual gags ever assembled in one place. Kung Fury knows its audience, knows it damn well, and while it has little to offer to anyone outside of its particular niche, for people within that niche this is absolute gold.”

If there’s not at least 100 cobras in the sequel then we’re going home.

(Image: Rex)