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Men's romper suits are the latest trend coming to ruin your day

It's all over now

Men's romper suits are the latest trend coming to ruin your day

Boiler suits: we can get our head around them. Dungarees: you know what, we dig them.

But romper suits? For adult men? Adult men dressed as babies? No. No, this cannot be. 

And yet it is: thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign by bespoke romper suit label RompHim – honestly, ROMPHIM – toddler attire could be the latest menswear trend coming to ruin your day this summer.

Far be it from us to judge anyone dressed as a baby at a wedding, but the RompHim team are going to come up with a few stumbling blocks: 

- A pack of two will cost you $175 (£136)

- Judging from the pictures, they fit about as well as a man trying to stretch into the clothes of a six year old

- You are going to be seeing 100% more dick and ball outlines in these

- They are called “RompHim” because even romper suits need to be masc as fuck

Ready to take #kentuckyderby by storm, these guys are off to romp. Meet you at the #mintjulep stand in the #infield.

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We'll miss the @heineken beer tents at #stagecoach, but not mad about the increased beer mobility.

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"Turn heads and break hearts when you take your RompHim for a spin," goes the press release. "Is it a romper specially designed for men? Sure, it's also so much more."

Forgive us for being sceptical but if anyone who wasn’t a entrepreneur bro who goes to the Kentucky Derby and smashes out a dope ass keg stand like, dang, brah, you killt it, boo, wore these they would end up arrested for crimes against fashion and possibly – and we point you back to the previous dick-ball-outline note – against the actual law, as well. 

Still, these lads raised over $40,000 (four-times more than their intended target) of investment on Kickstarter, so in the end, who’s laughing?

It’s us. Yeah. It’s still us.