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Men taking selfies of their beards is now a thing

#BeardsFromBelow is a hashtag from the pits of hell

Men taking selfies of their beards is now a thing

Some hashtags are stupid and some are so terrifying they come straight out of a Stephen King novel. #BeardsFromBelow is the latter.

This latest social media craze sees guys lift their heads back and take selfies of their face forests from below, making it seem like they've got a hairy stump for a head.

If you were awaiting for the last nail in the coffin for the beard trend, this might be it. Facial hair has now become novelty rather than cool. Either that or beards will take over the human body and mercilessly enslave us all.

No thank you


Teh Derk Kngerht Rizzes #beardsfrombelow #borninthedarkness #tothebeardmobile #batman

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They stare deep into your soul

We have peaked as a species and the only way is down


I miss my proper beard... #beardsfrombelow #weird #beard

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Does anyone else feel queasy?



This is Herman, and Herman is sick of your shit. #beardsfrombelow #beard #HermanTheGrouch

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They are not of this world