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This is how many hours it should take you to complete the new Spider-Man game

Vital information, straight from the man who should know best

This is how many hours it should take you to complete the new Spider-Man game
Tom Victor
29 August 2018

We’ve seen a fair few Spider-Man spin-offs in the works, but it’s no longer limited to the big screen.

The Venom movie is drawing ever closer, while a lot of other works will follow – and when we say a lot of Spider-Man spin-offs, we mean a lot.

But, perhaps the most hyped of them all has been the long awaited Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game - fast becoming one of the most anticipated games for quite some time. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man is being released in September, and is already getting promising feedback from those in the know. However, with any release like this, it’s always worth knowing how much of your free time you’ll be devoting to the game once you get your hands on it.

James Stevenson, community director for developer Insomniac Games, was asked the one question on everyone’s lips ahead of the game’s big unveiling.

Those of us who toiled away on the Crash Bandicoot remaster, for example, will be keen to learn how Spider-Man compares to the hours we spent on that portal back to our childhoods.

Well, Stevenson has the answer. As with all of these questions, some of it will depend on how much you try to do beyond the regular gameplay, but he has given a good estimate for us to work from.

If nothing else, the 20-hour timeframe can be taken as something for you to target once you get the game, though you might be the sort of person who likes to take a bit of time to explore the parameters before going about your business.

Either way, as the game draws closer to release, we bet there are plenty of you reading this and preparing to devote the best part of a weekend glued to your console.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be released worldwide on 7 September, while there will also be post-launch content under the ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ banner as the year draws on. With that in mind, there’s every chance those initial 20 hours will be extended with little trouble.

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